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Amaryl (Glimepiride)

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Generic Amaryl is the medication of high quality, which is taken in treatment of type 2 diabetes. Generic Amaryl is acting by stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin. It is sulfonylureas.

Other names for this medication:

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Also known as:  Glimepiride.


Generic Amaryl is the medication of high quality, which is taken in treatment of type 2 diabetes.

The target of this perfect remedy is struggle against type 2 diabetes.

Amaryl is also known as Glimepiride, Diapride, Amyline, Euglim.

Generic Amaryl is acting by stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin. It is sulfonylureas.

Generic name of Generic Amaryl is Glimepiride.

Brand name of Generic Amaryl is Amaryl.


Take Generic Amaryl tablets orally with breakfast or the first big meal of the day.

Do not crush or chew it.

Take Generic Amaryl at the same time once a day with water.

If you want to achieve most effective results do not stop taking Generic Amaryl suddenly.


If you overdose Generic Amaryl and you don't feel good you should visit your doctor or health care provider immediately.


Store at room temperature below 30 degrees C (86 degrees F) away from moisture and heat. Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date. Keep out of the reach of children.

Side effects

The most common side effects associated with Amaryl are:

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Side effect occurrence does not only depend on medication you are taking, but also on your overall health and other factors.


Do not take Generic Amaryl if you are allergic to Generic Amaryl components.

Do not take Generic Amaryl if you're pregnant or you plan to have a baby, or you are a nursing mother. Generic Amaryl can ham your baby.

It can be dangerous to use Generic Amaryl if you suffer from or have a history of heart disease.

Avoid alcohol.

Do not stop taking Generic Amaryl suddenly.

amaryl tablet

A rat model of type 2 diabetes was established by intraperitoneal injection of small doses of streptozotocin combined with high calorie feeding. Normal fasted mice and type 2 diabetic rats were used to assay the hypoglycemic actions of I4. Blood glucose and immunoreactive insulin concentrations were measured and the effects of I4 on insulin release from rat isolated pancreatic islets were examined. A liver cell line, Hep G2, was used to examine effects on glucose consumption, glycogen synthesis and glucokinase activity.

amaryl overdose symptoms

In all, 3118 patients were randomized (vildagliptin, n = 1562; glimepiride, n = 1556). From similar baseline values (7.3%), after 2 years adjusted mean (s.e.) change in HbA1c was comparable between vildagliptin and glimepiride treatment: -0.1% (0.0%) and -0.1% (0.0%), respectively. The primary objective of non-inferiority was met. A similar proportion of patients reached HbA1c <7% (36.9 and 38.3%, respectively), but with vildagliptin more patients reached this target without hypoglycaemia (36.0% vs. 28.8%; p = 0.004). The initial response (IR) was sustained for a mean (s.d.) of 309 (244) days with vildagliptin versus 270 (223) days for glimepiride (p < 0.001) (IR = nadir HbA1c where change from baseline > or =0.5% or HbA1c < or =6.5% within the first six months of treatment. After IR was detected, sustained response = time between nadir and an increase of >0.3% above IR). Independent of disease duration, age was a predictor of effect sustainability. Fewer patients experienced hypoglycaemia with vildagliptin (2.3% vs. 18.2% with glimepiride) with a 14-fold difference in the number of hypoglycaemic events (59 vs. 838). Vildagliptin had a beneficial effect on body weight [mean (s.e.) change from baseline -0.3 (0.1) kg; between-group difference -1.5 kg; p < 0.001]. Overall, both treatments were well tolerated and displayed similar safety profiles.

amaryl generic name

Sulfonylureas are widely prescribed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Their therapeutic efficacy resides in the ability to bind to sulfonylurea receptors (SURs) present on the beta-cell plasma membrane, to close the ATP-regulated potassium (K(ATP)) channel, and thereby to enhance glucose-stimulated insulin secretion. These receptors are also found in a wide variety of extra-pancreatic tissues such as brain, peripheral nerves, heart, and vascular smooth muscle where they contribute to the regulation of the vascular tone.

daily dosage amaryl

Pioglitazone is a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma agonist that decreases insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes mellitus. However, it has been associated with fluid retention, peripheral edema, and congestive heart failure, which has become of particular concern. There are no reports in the literature of severe pleural effusions in a patient with normal cardiac function.

amaryl 1mg tablets

The purpose of DIAMETRE (DIabète et Amarel en Monothérapie. Etude de Titration pour la définition des Répondeurs) was to identify factors predictive of response to glimepiride monotherapy in type 2 diabetic patients in the setting of a prospective multicentre open study.

amaryl 8 mg

A formulation with drug-polymer ratio of 1:1 was most ideal in developing stable NCs as it exhibited smaller particle size and high stability. A high zeta potential was observed in all NCs after complexation indicating improved stability. DSC and XRPD studies showed no change in crystallinity after complexation. SEM analysis of complexed NCs showed presence of spherical shape particles (size below 1 μm) with a lipid coat on the surface. Stability studies on optimized formulation (F1) revealed no change in particle size during 3-month period. FTIR studies prove that the chemical identity of GLP was preserved in the samples and the formulation was stable.

amaryl 30 mg

To investigate the effect on glycaemic control of adding glimepiride to on-going treatment with metformin and insulin in patients with known diabetes more than 10 years.

amaryl 04 mg

The projected rise in the incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) could develop into a substantial health problem worldwide. Whether insulin secretagogues (sulphonylureas and meglitinide analogues) are able to prevent or delay T2DM and its associated complications in people at risk for the development of T2DM is unknown.

amaryl oral medication

Non-diabetic volunteers (age 38±2years, BMI 26±1kg/m(2)) were studied in a single-blind fashion during separate 2day randomized protocols consisting of 2h hyperinsulinemic (9pmol/kg/min) euglycemic (4.9±0.1mmol) and hypoglycemic (2.9±0.1mmol/L) clamps. Individuals received biologically equivalent doses of glimepiride (4mg) or glyburide (10mg) 1h prior to each glucose clamp (n=11) as well as a control group of placebo studies. Glucose kinetics were calculated using D-Glucose-6-6d2.

amaryl dosage form

The herb fenugreek, Trigonella foenum-graecum Linn (Fabaceae), seeds have been traditionally used in the treatment of diabetes but its effect on oxidative stress and pro-inflammatory cytokines in the improvement of exocrine function of diabetes has not been studied. The effect of hydroalcoholic extract of Trigonella foenum-graecum seeds (HEF) on alloxan-induced type-II diabetic rat model was investigated.

amaryl 60 mg

The purpose of this study was to determine the factors associated with the favorable effect of pioglitazone on atheroma progression.

amaryl brand

The safety alert recommending a reduction of SU dosing was well reflected in prescriptions issued after the alert (glimepiride dose reduction from 2.78 ± 1.86 mg to 2.32 ± 1.68), especially in prescriptions issued by diabetes specialists (from 2.27 ± 1.81 mg to 1.87 ± 1.47 mg). The dose of background SUs in patients who started sitagliptin early was higher (before alert: 2.70 ± 1.80 mg, after alert: 2.51 ± 1.74 mg) than in patients without experience of sitagliptin (2.12 ± 1.57 mg). This may indicate that patients receiving high-dose SUs were selected for sitagliptin, and this might be a factor in the high frequency of hypoglycemia in the early launch phase of sitagliptin.

amaryl drug information

Glimepiride improved insulin secretion and hyperglycemia in lean type 2 diabetic subjects, with benefits lasting for 24 hours. The degree of response was proportional to the beta cell reserve, and occurred irrespective of the presence or absence of markers of insulin resistance.

amaryl dosage

The diabetic heart was found to be resistant to IPC such that 3-IPC cycles, instead of the usual 1-IPC cycle, were required for cardioprotection. However, pretreatment with glimepiride lowered the threshold for IPC such that both 1 and 3 cycles of IPC elicited cardioprotection: chronic glimepiride treatment (IPC-1 31.9% ± 3.8% and IPC-3 33.5% ± 2.4% vs 43.9% ± 1.4% control, P < .05; N > 6 per group); subacute glimepiride treatment (IPC-1 31.1% ± 3.0% and IPC-3 29.3% ± 3.3% vs 42.2% ± 2.3% control, P < .05 N > 6 per group); and acute glimepiride treatment (IPC-1 28.2% ± 3.7% and IPC-3 24.6% ± 5.4% vs 41.9% ± 5.4% control, P < .05; N > 6 per group). This effect of glimepiride was independent of changes in blood glucose.

amaryl 4 mg

To review the pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, clinical trials, and adverse effects of dapagliflozin, a sodium glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT-2) inhibitor.

amaryl glucose pill

Type 2 diabetes mellitus affects up to 8% of the adult population in Western countries. Treatment of this disease with oral antidiabetic drugs is characterised by considerable interindividual variability in pharmacokinetics, clinical efficacy and adverse effects. Genetic factors are known to contribute to individual differences in bioavailability, drug transport, metabolism and drug action. Only scarce data exist on the clinical implications of this genetic variability on adverse drug effects or clinical outcomes in patients taking oral antidiabetics. The polymorphic enzyme cytochrome P450 (CYP) 2C9 is the main enzyme catalysing the biotransformation of sulphonylureas. Total oral clearance of all studied sulphonylureas (tolbutamide, glibenclamide [glyburide], glimepiride, glipizide) was only about 20% in persons with the CYP2C9*3/*3 genotype compared with carriers of the wild-type genotype CYP2C9*1/*1, and clearance in the heterozygous carriers was between 50% and 80% of that of the wild-type genotypes. For reasons not completely known, the resulting differences in drug effects were much less pronounced. Nevertheless, CYP2C9 genotype-based dose adjustments may reduce the incidence of adverse effects. The magnitude of how doses might be adjusted can be derived from pharmacokinetic studies. The meglitinide-class drug nateglinide is metabolised by CYP2C9. According to the pharmacokinetic data, moderate dose adjustments based on CYP2C9 genotypes may help in reducing interindividual variability in the antihyperglycaemic effects of nateglinide. Repaglinide is metabolised by CYP2C8 and, according to clinical studies, CYP2C8*3 carriers had higher clearance than carriers of the wild-type genotypes; however, this was not consistent with in vitro data and therefore further studies are needed. CYP2C8*3 is closely linked with CYP2C9*2. CYP2C8 and CYP3A4 are the main enzymes catalysing biotransformation of the thiazolidinediones troglitazone and pioglitazone, whereas rosiglitazone is metabolised by CYP2C9 and CYP2C8. The biguanide metformin is not significantly metabolised but polymorphisms in the organic cation transporter (OCT) 1 and OCT2 may determine its pharmacokinetic variability. In conclusion, pharmacogenetic variability plays an important role in the pharmacokinetics of oral antidiabetic drugs; however, to date, the impact of this variability on clinical outcomes in patients is mostly unknown and prospective studies on the medical benefit of CYP genotyping are required.

amaryl 50 mg

Glimepiride in 1-, 4-, or 8-mg doses was effective and well tolerated. Although the 4- and 8-mg once-daily doses were significantly more potent than the 1-mg dose, all three doses yielded clinical improvement. Because the 8-mg dose controlled HbA1c values in a greater number of patients with high baseline HbA1c levels than did the 4-mg dose, this higher dose might be beneficial for patients who are difficult to treat.

amaryl brand name

In the propensity score-matched cohort, the proportion of glimepiride dose >2 mg of DPP-4 patients was reduced from 45.8 % in Period 1 (before the alert) to 37.5 % in Period 2 (after the alert) (odds ratio [OR] 0.71; 95 % CI 0.579-0.870), whereas in the case of non-DPP-4 patients the proportion was changed from 28.9 % to 29.5 % in the matched cohort (OR 1.03; 95 % CI 0.868-1.215). The mean prescribed glimepiride dose in DPP-4 patients was also reduced from 2.79 ± 1.81 mg in Period 1 (before the alert) to 2.38 ± 1.71 mg in Period 2 (after the alert) [p < 0.0001], whereas the corresponding change in the case of non-DPP-4 patients was from 2.01 ± 1.56 mg to 2.01 ± 1.54 mg (p = 0.94). The difference between the mean prescribed doses in the two groups was statistically significant in both periods. Similar trends of prescription pattern changes were seen for glibenclamide and gliclazide. The reduction of prescribed sulfonylurea dose in DPP-4 patients following the safety alert coincided with a decrease of adverse event reports.

amaryl 86 mg

Using the DMM data from the LAPTOP study, simulations based on both therapies showed that the BOT regimen provides better glycemic control and reduction in HbA1c thereby leading to a reduction in the long-term complications of diabetes and mortality.

amaryl tab use

In this five-country observational study, nearly 20% of sulphonylurea-treated Muslim subjects with type 2 diabetes experienced symptomatic hypoglycaemia while fasting during Ramadan, with variations across sulphonylureas and countries.

amaryl medication

To assess the efficacy and safety of adjunctive saxagliptin vs glimepiride in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) and inadequate glycaemic control.

tablet amaryl 3mg

Mitochondrial ATP-sensitive K(+) (mitoK(ATP)) channel plays a key role in cardioprotection. Hence, a sulfonylurea that does not block mitoK(ATP) channels would be desirable to avoid damage to the heart. Accordingly, we examined the effects of sulfonylureas on the mitoK(ATP) channel and mitochondrial Ca(2+) overload.

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amaryl 04 mg 2016-05-12 Identifier buy amaryl online : NCT00225264

amaryl starting dose 2017-09-14

31 type 2 diabetic patients with microalbuminuria were randomly allocated to receive exenatide (group Exe, n = 13) or glimepiride treatment (group Glm, n = 18) for 16 weeks. Body mass index (BMI), fasting plasma glucose, 2-hour postprandial plasma glucose, glycated hemoglobin A(1c), systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, 24-hour urinary albumin, urinary TGF-β(1) and type IV collagen concentration were analyzed between the two treatment groups. 20 age- and buy amaryl online BMI-matched healthy subjects were chosen as the normal control group (group NC, n = 20).

amaryl drug information 2017-09-03

A fixed low-dose preprandial insulin aspart therapy resulted in an overall beta-cell protection with an improved fasting beta-cell secretion profile already within 1 week. Our study indicates that supplementary insulin therapy might be a reasonable alternative to bedtime basal insulin injections for initiation of insulin buy amaryl online therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes.

amaryl medication 2016-05-13

To investigate trends in prescriptions of oral antihyperglycaemic drugs (OHDs) among postmenopausal women suffering from T2DM in buy amaryl online India and evaluate the rationality and adherence to ADA treatment guidelines.

amaryl bid dosing 2015-03-21

Amphibians have provided a remarkable array of biological active compounds, which are secreted from socalled granular skin glands which serve to protect the amphibians from predators due to its noxious effects on buccal tissue and at least in the case of some peptides, to protect from bacterial (or) protozoan infections. Given the respiratory and antimicrobial functions of amphibian skin, it is likely that some of the novel molecules found in amphibian granular gland secretions might be of use in the treatment of skin and respiratory infections. Secretions from common Indian toad (Bufo melanostictus) a member of Bufonidae family has the history of medicinal use however the anti-diabetic activity is not reported. The present study is aimed to determine whether paratoid gland extract have any influence on the diabetes and the pharmacokinetics and buy amaryl online pharmacodynamics of glimepiride (GLM) in normal and diabetic rats.

amaryl 2mg tablet 2017-08-27

Glimepiride and sitagliptin were equally effective in glycemic control and all other parameters, and the only difference found has been the frequency of hypoglycemic events reports, wich has been reported as higher and statistically significant in the in the glimepiride group. No fatalities where buy amaryl online reported in either group.

amaryl maximum dose 2015-06-01

US Food and Drug Administration approval for generic drugs relies on demonstrating pharmaceutical equivalence and bioequivalence; however, some drug products have unique attributes that necessitate product-specific approval pathways. We evaluated rates of patients' switching back to brand-name versions from generic versions of four buy amaryl online drugs approved via such approaches.

glimepiride amaryl generic 2016-02-01

An international, prospective, double-blind trial compared the long-term therapeutic value of glimepiride with glibenclamide in patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Patients stabilised on glibenclamide were randomised to 1 mg glimepiride (524 patients) or 2.5 mg glibenclamide (520 patients). The treatment groups were comparable at baseline with respect to age (60.2 years), body mass index (26.5 kg/m2), duration of diabetes (5.0 years) and fasting blood glucose levels (163 mg/dl [9.0 mmol/l]). Doses were increased stepwise, up to 8 mg for glimepiride (once-daily) and 20 mg for glibenclamide (> 10 mg as divided dose), until metabolic control (fasting blood glucose < or = 150 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/l]), or maximum dose was achieved. After one year of treatment, patients entered a long-term follow-up study. Primary endpoints for evaluation of metabolic control, mean glycated haemoglobin and mean fasting blood glucose, were 8.4% and 174 mg/dl (9.7 mmol/l) for glimepiride and 8.3% and 168 mg/dl (9.3 mmol/l) for glibenclamide. Differences between treatment groups were not considered clinically relevant (95% confidence intervals (-0.05, 0.19%) for glycated haemoglobin and (2, 11 mg/dl) [0.1, 0.6 mmol/l] for fasting blood glucose). Statistically significant lower fasting insulin and C-peptide values were observed in glimepiride patients buy amaryl online compared with glibenclamide (differences: insulin, -0.92 microU/ml [p = 0.04]; C-peptide, -0.14 ng/ml [p = 0.03]). Both treatment groups showed an equivalent safety profile. Adverse events were consistent with the nature of the diabetic patient population studied. Fewer hypoglycaemic reactions occurred with glimepiride than with glibenclamide (105 versus 150 episodes). The long-term follow-up (457 patients) confirmed that glimepiride (1-8 mg) once daily provides equivalent metabolic control to a higher dosage (2.5-20.0 mg) of glibenclamide. Both treatments were well tolerated.

amaryl tablets 2016-10-25

With use buy amaryl online of the CORE Diabetes Model and data from the LEAD-3 trial, long-term projected survival, diabetes complications, and costs favored liraglutide 1.2- and 1.8-mg monotherapies compared with glimepiride in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

amaryl online 2015-09-21

Ridayarishta formulation was phyto-chemically standardized buy amaryl online against arjunolic acid, arjunetin, berberine, piperine, resveratrol and withaferin-A using high performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC) analysis. The formulation was standardized with respect to ethanol by gas chromatographic (GC) analysis. HDI was evaluated with Ridayarishta formulation and amlodipine besilate, atenolol, atorvastatin, metformin, glipizide glimepiride cocktail using high throughput CYP450 enzyme inhibition assay; against CYP1A2, 2C19, 2D6 and 3A4 isozymes.

amaryl cost 2016-10-09

A decision matrix helped identify drugs for which PDM provides the greatest potential benefit at one Korean buy amaryl online hospital.

amaryl tablet 2016-06-15

This 15-week study involved 161 subjects with NIDDM. Subjects were randomized into two groups. For 4 weeks, group 1 received glimepiride 3 mg twice daily, and group 2 received glimepiride 6 mg once daily. After a 3-week placebo-washout period, twice- and once-daily regimens were crossed over for a second 4-week treatment period. Subjects were hospitalized at the end of each placebo or active-treatment phase. Their glucose concentrations were recorded at 20 time points over a 24-hour period, and their insulin and C-peptide concentrations were recorded at 16 time points over the same period buy amaryl online . Parameters that were calculated included fasting, 24-hour, and postprandial concentrations of glucose, insulin, and C-peptide.

amaryl 2mg tablets 2015-08-30

Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus who were buy amaryl online stably maintained on ≤2mg/day glimepiride alone were recruited and randomly assigned to receive additional sitagliptin (n=37) or αGI (n=37). Levels of sCD163 were measured before the addition and after a 24-week treatment period.

amaryl glucose pill 2017-04-26

The human ether-a-go-go-related gene (herg) encodes a K+ current (I(HERG)) which plays a fundamental role in heart excitability and in neurons by contributing to action potential repolarization and to spike-frequency adaptation, respectively. In this paper we show that I(HERG), recorded in neuroblastoma cells and guinea-pig ventricular myocytes, was reversibly inhibited by the K(ATP) channel blocker glibenclamide (IC50 = 74 microM). The voltage and use dependence of glibenclamide blockade were also evaluated. Another sulfonylurea, glimepiride, had less effective results in blocking I(HERG). The findings of this study are relevant to the interpretation of glibenclamide effects on cellular electrophysiology and suggest that Alcohol W Flagyl oral antidiabetic therapy with sulfonylureas may contribute to iatrogenic QT prolongation and related arrhythmias.

amaryl 86 mg 2016-10-19

At the end of study, insulin doses were significantly reduced, and the mean HbA1c, fasting blood glucose (FBG) and 2-hour postprandial blood glucose (P2BG) were improved greater in the group A compared with the group B. The serum HMW adiponectin Altace 10mg Capsules levels were significantly increased in the group A compared with the group B. Most importantly, we found that changes in HbA1c were inversely correlated with changes in serum HMW adiponectin in the group A (r = -0.452, p = 0.02).

daily dosage amaryl 2017-03-27

Sulfonylureas have, in the past, been reported to have adverse cardiovascular effects. Glimepiride is a new sulfonylurea. In spite of stimulating less insulin secretion, it has, depending on the species, equal or higher blood glucose decreasing activity and according to preliminary studies less cardiovascular activity than glibenclamide. Further studies were performed to confirm the lower cardiovascular activity of glimepiride. The IC50 for inhibition of rilmakalim-activated KATP channel currents in isolated ventricular myocytes was 31.6 nM for glimepiride and 6.8 nM for glibenclamide. In endotoxin shock-rats at a dose of 1 x 2 mg/kg i.v., glibenclamide induced a significantly higher blood pressure increase than glimepiride. At two i.v. doses of 20 mg/kg 4 min apart, in normal rats, glibenclamide produced signs of ischemia in the ECG in nearly all animals, glimepiride almost none 1 Viagra Pill , in diabetic rats, glibenclamide produced in all animals a lethal cardiogenic shock preceeded by serious ECG changes, glimepiride only in one fifth of the animals. In open-chest dogs, on intracoronary infusion of equieffective blood glucose-lowering doses, glibenclamide, gliclazide and glimepiride all reduced coronary blood flow, increased coronary resistance, depressed the mechanical activity of the heart, enhanced myocardial O2-extraction, reduced the serum potassium level and induced a moderate endocardial ST-segment elevation, but glimepiride to a significantly less extent than glibenclamide and gliclazide. The presented data confirm that glimepiride at equivalent blood glucose decreasing doses has less cardiovascular activity than conventional sulfonylureas.

amaryl drug classification 2015-05-29

A total of 92 Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients receiving sulfonylurea and reporting drug-associated hypoglycemia, and 84 T2DM patients receiving sulfonylurea and having never experienced hypoglycemia were included in the study Cefixime Dosage Days . A sample of 283 nondiabetic controls that had been genotyped earlier served as a second control group. CYP2C9*2 and *3 alleles were detected by use of PCR-RFLP analysis.

amaryl overdose 2015-11-30

One hundred and eight type 2 diabetic patients (50 men, 58 women), treated with oral antidiabetics, including at least one from the sulphonylurea group (glimepiride n = 50, gliclazide n = 46, or glipizide n = 12) for 3 months or longer, were included in the study. Symptoms of hypoglycaemia (sweating, tremor, anxiety and palpitations) during a 3 month period were recorded and confirmed by home glucose measurements. Gender, age, body mass index, creatinine clearance, HbA1c, oral antidiabetic dose and concomitant medication were assessed together with functional CYP2C9, CYP2C19 and CYP2C8 polymorphisms, Motrin 400 Dosage analysed by real-time PCR methods.

amaryl gel 2016-11-16

The current study demonstrates that glimepiride improves both first and second phases of insulin secretion, but not insulin sensitivity, in individuals with type 2 Depakote Drug Test diabetes.

amaryl oral tablet 2015-11-23

In this open-label, randomized, parallel, multinational, 24-week, non-inferiority study, 443 patients received either once-daily insulin glargine (n=220) or NPH insulin (n=223) at bedtime, Celebrex Dosage Information plus glimepiride (Amaryl).

amaryl and alcohol 2015-06-16

The present study evaluates possible drug interactions between glimepiride (GLIM) and sildenafil citrate (SIL) in streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic nephropathic (DN) animals and also postulates the possible mechanism of Oxytrol Tablets interaction based on molecular modeling studies. Diabetic nephropathy was induced by single dose of STZ (60 mg kg(-1), i.p.) and was confirmed by assessing blood and urine biochemical parameters 28 days after induction. Selected DN animals were used to explore the drug interaction between GLIM (0.5 mg kg(-1), p.o.) and SIL (2.5 mg kg(-1), p.o.) on the 29th and 70th day of the protocol. Possible drug interaction was assessed by evaluating the plasma drug concentration using HPLC-UV and changes in biochemical parameters in blood and urine were also determined. The mechanism of the interaction was postulated from the results of a molecular modeling study using the Maestro module of Schrodinger software. DN was confirmed as there was significant alteration in blood and urine biochemical parameters in STZ-treated groups. The concentration of SIL increased significantly (P < 0.001) in rat plasma when co-administered with GLIM on the 70th day of the protocol. Molecular modeling revealed important interactions with rat serum albumin and CYP2C9. GLIM has a strong hydrophobic interaction with binding site residues of rat serum albumin compared to SIL, whereas for CYP2C9, GLIM forms a stronger hydrogen bond than SIL with polar contacts and hydrophobic interactions. The present study concludes that bioavailability of SIL increases when co-administered chronically with GLIM in the management of DN animals, and the mechanism is supported by molecular modeling studies.

tab amaryl 3mg 2016-05-09

TNF-alpha mRNA expression in retroperitoneal fat tissue was significantly greater in the glibenclamide group (2.2 +/- 1.1), compared with the control group (0.9 +/- 0.4; p<0.05) or the glimepiride group (0.9 +/- 0.2; p<0.01). The mean fat-cell area in retroperitoneal fat tissue was increased at study endpoint in the glibenclamide group (13,764 +/- 7036 microm2), compared with both the control and glimepiride groups (10,755 +/- 6193 microm2 and 11,317 +/- 5646 microm2 respectively; p<0.05). Investigation of cellularity revealed a decrease in the frequency of small fat cells and an increase in the frequency of large fat cells in both the glibenclamide and glimepiride groups compared with the control group, with a greater increase in large fat cells in the glibenclamide group. At study endpoint, insulin and triglyceride values were significantly higher in the active treatment groups compared with the control group; however, insulin levels were significantly greater in glibenclamide-treated animals compared with glimepiride-treated animals. An oral glucose tolerance test performed at the end of the study showed that there were no significant differences among the three groups in terms of plasma glucose and insulin concentrations.